Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Outfit Roundup

Whoooa blizzard week! We got a ton of snow in the city on Thursday and Friday and I had the joy of shoveling myself out of the driveway - not cool. Really wishing I had bought that snowblower now. Actually all I really need is some road salt, but it's sold out everywhere - of course. And Ottawa is terrible at snow removal. My street is reduced to one lane (and saying its one lane is fairly generous - my little celica gets through fine, but barely). Ah well, I won't bore you all with snow rants. I have been spending a lot of time indoors (haha when I'm taking breaks from shoveling or walking 4km to work...) so here's what I've been loving on the internets lately:

1//  Just discovered the blog Note To Self which pretty much made me decide to change my blog design - speaking of....what are your thoughts? I'm liking the simple design a lot better, I had a really hard time trying to figure out what my header should be...I made at least 20 header designs :P
2//  Getting super pumped for Lululemon's Warehouse Sale on Jan 20-22 :) I've got a list (and budget) but mainly am looking for running shorts for the summer. Maybe a pullover too. My best friend is also writing a list for me so I'll be shopping for her too since she's in Calgary. Any tips for Warehouse Sales? Anyone been to a Lululemon  one before? What kind of deals? (I'm assuming its about 40% and mainly stuff they're trying to get rid of)
3//  If you like to use the should watch this.
4//  Very appropriate for everyone in Ontario right now: How to keep warm in your freezing cold house.

Enjoy the Roundup :)

Joe Fresh sweater, Smart Set blazer, Gap jegging, Aldo boots,
J. Crew necklace + purse, UO belt, Guess watch, Oliver Peoples glasses

AE sweater,  Aritzia lace top, Zara jeans, Le Chateau purse,
J. Crew hat + miller boots, DIY necklace, Oliver Peoples Wacks glasses

Wednesday: Pearl  Jam
J. Crew sweater + miller boots, UO blazer, Zara pants, Suzy Shier blouse,
DIY faux Chanel necklace, Guess watch, Oliver Peoples glasses 

Thursday: Pretty in Plaid
J. Crew sweater + miller boots, skirt made by my mum,
Le Chateau tank, UO tights + purse, AE necklace, Oliver Peoples glasses

Friday: Is it Easter Yet?
J. Crew cardigan + miller boots + snood + belt, AE pants,
Dynamite tank, DIY necklace, UO purse, Oliver Peoples glasses

Saturday: Comfy Layers
J. Crew tank + melon cardi + miller boots + belt, Aritzia pants,
UO purse, Kensie heathered cardi, Oliver Peoples glasses

Sunday: Escaping from the City of Snow (inspiration)
J. Crew wonderland puffer + hat, Gap jegging, H&M turtleneck,
Aldo boots, Joe Fresh belt, UO purse, Guess watch, Oliver Peoples glasses



  1. I love what you did in your Friday outfit in combining the bright top/sweater with the grey snood :) Also, I really like the new header (especially the little sequins)!

  2. I was at the Lululemon warehouse in Ottawa a few years back. Lining up outside at -20 for 4 hours wasn't fun at all!! Heard this year going to be inside line-up so that's a plus. There were lots of great deals but don't expect to get a lot of basics, like hoodies and black pants there. Have fun!

  3. Loving your new banner! I need to change mine soon too. Something fresh.

    Your outfits are fabulous, dear. I think my favorite is the navy blazer, gray J. Crew <3 sweater, and the awesome electric blue pants!


  4. My favorite is your Saturday outfit. I love your hair and glasses!

  5. @Liv, thanks so much! I really thought the outfit was too bright for winter, but the snood helped tone it down. So glad you like the new design:D:D:D

    @Small Town Gal, thanks for letting me know! I figured it would be mainly the stuff that basically goes to loot or random uglies :P I was hoping for plain black items :(

    @The Midwest Muse, thanks so much :)

    @Larissa, thanks girl :) I've had the same one for a year and just really didn't know what to change it to! Thanks again! That was a fun outfit :)

    @Caity, thank you! you're too sweet :)

    thanks for stopping by ladies!

  6. cute outfits! Simple and cosy :) x

  7. I love your monday layers and your saturday colors - you look pretty pulled together for dealing with a blizzard!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Love all your belted looks, especially that first one! The brown and navy are such a classic combination. And I've been needing some ideas on how to keep my apt warm without whipping out the space heater, so the link was quite helpful.

  9. They opened one of those stores in my city... but never entered lol I think I should

    And your new blog looks so nice!! I also strangling about how to design mine sometimes, but the white and the peach loos so nice ^^

    very nice outfits specially Friday and Saturday!!

  10. I just discovered your blog and I love it so far! You have a great sense of style and I love the way you incorporate more summery colours into winter outfits.

  11. I love your round up. Great way to layer pieces.

  12. I love the Wednesday outfit, especially the pants!

  13. Love your outfit roundup and I that top outfit is so cute and looks really warm. Your colored jeans are perfect too. Hope you had a good weekend


  14. You made me cold just *talking* about the snow... it's definitely almost 70 degrees here in Texas right now. Abnormally warm, even for us! Stay warm up there!

  15. Hello these beautiful,
    have a magnificent space,
    if you like the poetry I wait on mine,
    happy week.
    a hug.

  16. Thank you for your tips and support, dear. I just think I am a slow learner at danicng. I really need to practice a lot to get everything right.. Doh...

    I loooove that candy colored outfit! So bright! I like wearing bright colors in winter!

  17. Lovethe sweater and blazer with coloured skinnies, cute surprise! Also very brave of you to wear leather leggings...jealous of your cute figure. Great styling every single day, dear, you're amazing!

    <3 Cambria

  18. I thin we love the third one most <3
    X the cookies

  19. @Malou, thanks girl!

    @LyddieGal, hahaha thank you! I find dressing fun or brightly can really lift your spirits in crummy weather :)

    @Jenn, thanks girl! I have always loved pairing brown with navy, I must do it more often. Glad that link could help!

    @Vel, hehe definitely check it out. Thanks so much - I'm glad to get some feedback on it. I had a hard time trying to find something that would work nicely, I'm really glad this color combo does :)

    @Jackie, thank you! So glad you did! You're too sweet, hope you stick around :)

    @Bella, thank you - I lovessss to layer :)

    @Harriet, thank you! those pants are sooo comfy too :)

    @Dale, thank you! haha most of my outfits are pretty warm, its pretty cold here now, and layering is the key :)

    @julie, hahahaha you're so lucky! I can't wait for the weather to warm up. I'm so over this freezing weather.

    @Ricardo Minana, thank you!

    @Sasha, you're welcome - anything to help a fellow dancer :) Good luck with it. And thank you! I'm adoring brights in the winter now!

    @The Jones, thanks girlie :) hahaha I can not get enough of these (faux) leather jegging, they are super comfy - more so than my regular jegging. I find my style is very "librarian chic" so I try to dress more casual/daring on the weekends :) you're too sweet <3

    @samecookiedifferent, aww thank you!

    thanks for visiting everyone <3 you're all so lovely!

  20. Thanks for stopping by Fashion Truffles! I'm so happy to have found your blog :)

  21. I especially loved the first and third outfits!!! I may use them as inspiration for work outfits :) Nice!

    I hear you on wishing your town was better at snow removal. Where I live, they don't use salt. THEY DON'T USE SALT. Where I am from (oh Midwest I miss you), they know how to take care of the roads. Here, I pretty much park when it snows and drive again in the spring. They just don't take care of the roads well enough to risk it!

  22. I love your J.Crew wonderland puffer! You have great preppy style :) Always enjoy visiting your blog.

  23. @Viviana, you're welcome! glad you're enjoying it :)

    @Lisa Lisa Lisa, thank you - glad to inspire :) hahaha I know exactly what you mean! Seriously, these cities need to clean how to take care of the roads!!

    @Katerine, thank you, I have always had a soft spot for all things preppy :) and the puffer is sooo comfy and cozy :D

    thanks for stopping by ladies!

  24. Lovee all of your outfits! <3



  25. All the outfits are super cute! My favorites would have to be the first and third though. Lovely blog! xo

  26. obsessed with your style. i think Monday's look was my ultra fave. great post, love. thanks so much for sharing. if you get a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  27. hey lovely!
    wow great outfit! such a beautiful blog :)
    would you maybe like to follow each other?
    have a nice day!
    melina from melina-lajolie

  28. @Flashes of Style, thanks girlie :)

    @jess, thank you!

    @dreaming en francais, thank you, glad you're liking it :)

    @Fash Boulevard, thanks girl. I'll def drop by :)

    @Melina-Lajolie, thank you, I'll def check out your blog :)

    @Natalie Koltunovskaya, thanks! They are actually jegging, and not jeans at all :)

    thanks so much for visiting everyone <3

  29. love your blue jeans dear!!
    kisses pretty=)

  30. So excited that I stumbled across your blog this morning! These outfits are absolutely lovely! I love what you did with the plaid skirt, belting the cardigan over the top like that. Very adorable! Following you and can't wait to see more!

    Callie @

  31. @lapetiteblonde, thank you girlie :)

    @Callie, awww you're too nice, I'm so glad you found me :) haha actually I was having a hard time at first with the plaid skirt, I must have changed that outfit 5 times :P

    thanks for visiting ladies!

  32. You must be getting all our snow--we've had barely any this winter! I love all the looks, especially the cute, cozy belted puffer coat. And the new look is fab :)

  33. @Shea, hahaha I think we're getting all the snow for Canada right now :P just joking! we didn't get much in December, so I think we're making up for it now :( thanks for stopping by girl!

  34. hi , your aldo riding boots is so cute , could you tell me what is the name of it? i cant find it on the aldo online :(

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately my boots are about 4 years old and I have no idea what they were named :( Sorry about that! They sure are lasting well tho :)



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