Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pretty Little Liars: Ezra Fitz Inspiration

For this week's edition of Pretty Little Liars Inspiration, I'm going to try something a bit new....a gentleman inspired post. Now, of course the perfect candidate is Mr. Ezra Fitz, the high school English teacher at Rosewood High and  Aria Montgomery's love interest. Ezra (or Mr. Fitz to most) just moved to Rosewood, upon meeting Aria the two became involved immediately - unknowning they would have to hide their relationship from everyone due to its nature. I thought a post on Ezra's style would be the perfect way to end my Pretty Little Liars Inspiration posts! In order for you to get an idea of Mr. Fitz's (played by Ian Harding) style, I've posted a few pics that represent his wardrobe staples.

As you can see, Ezra is always dressed perfectly for this role as the high school English teacher. His ensembles are always classic, and put-together with vintage charm. He is usually spotted wearing his signature outfit - a shirt, tie, vest and messenger bag. Completely charming.  I tried to incorporate these thoughts when I was making my take on his style. Enjoy!

Sparkly Sources:
3. The Great Gatsby Tee, Urban Outfitters

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  1. oh he is mega cute...

  2. @Tara, I knooow, he's MEGA gorg....and my age ;) hehehee


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